An equal opportunity for a good start for every child

That has been our goal since 1912.
We put the development of children from 0 to 13 years first.

As a social childcare organization, we invest every euro we earn in improving our services. For example, in additional pedagogical coaches and group support staff. This extra support ensures that our employees can focus on you (your child) with confidence and full attention.

With 45 locations in The Hague, Voorburg and Rijswijk, there is always a Dak near you. By working together with various partners in the neighbourhood, we ensure the best development opportunities for children. 

Welcome to Dak, great to have you here!


Daycare - 0 to 4 years

At the daycare centre, we offer a warm environment in which children discover themselves and the world around them. Just like at home, we adhere to the rhythm of your baby.

As your child gets older, we gradually transition to the rhythm of toddlers. The children then have fixed times during the day when they eat, sleep and play together.

Toddler care - 2 to 4 years

Toddlers are very interested in other toddlers!

At all our toddler care groups your child can play with others, learn together and have an excellent time. Whilst playing, your child gets very well prepared for primary school.

At a growing number of our daycare and toddler care locations, we offer special programs for Preschool Education (VE).


After-school care and pre-school care - 4 to 13 years

What could be better than a nice comfy sofa to relax on after a busy day at school? But of course, also friends with whom you can experience all kinds of exciting adventures! And discover new talents. Our after-school care meets the needs of school-aged kids. A loving place, a challenging environment, but above all a lot of fun!

Does your workday start early?
Then our pre-school care may be what you are looking for!
Some of our locations also offer pre-school care for the schools they collaborate with. This allows your child to spend the hour before school starts, in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

buitenschoolse-opvang-bso den haag en voorburg

Childcare costs

The exact costs of childcare differ per family and per situation. In addition, most parents are entitled to a childcare allowance. How much allowance you receive and how much you ultimately pay depends on several factors. For example, the number of hours that your child goes to daycare per month, what the hourly rate of the chosen childcare organisation is and what the family income is.

Would you like to know how much childcare will cost in your situation? Then please use our handy calculation tool. This allows you to quickly and easily calculate an estimate of your monthly childcare costs.

Our colleagues at Klantadvies (Customer Advice) are happy to help and advise you. You can contact them through this form or at 088-7509110.

There is always a Dak childcare centre near you

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Registering with Dak childcare centres is free of charge and can be done by using our subscription form or by contacting our colleagues at Klantadvies (Customer Advice) at 088-7509110.